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hannah, our ceo answers questions about our unique business model and donating 50% of our profits. we want you to understand how and why we do this. 

where do 50% of the profits from levitate mascara go?

50% of the profits from selling levitate are donated to the fred hollows foundation nz to help cure treatable blindness in the pacific islands.

why the fred hollows foundation nz?

we chose the fred hollows foundation nz in particular because they are truly great at what they do and have an amazing holistic approach - plus someone being able to see again makes our hearts soar every time. they are incredibly good at impact reporting (they measure and track their programmes performance each year, showing exactly what impact the donations have) and that is because what they do is very straightforward compared to a lot of other charities. they are increasing access to health care and changing not just the life of the person who gains their vision back, but their family and community too.



is this just a marketing technique?

donating 50% of our profit is not a marketing technique, although many people really do love this about indigo & iris. the reason we started indigo & iris was not because we really love makeup (although we do), it was not to make a shit load of money (although we have nothing against money), it was because we really love the pacific islands and all the people in this corner of the world. we have created this bomb mascara to fund awesome work happening throughout the pacific - starting with levitate and curing treatable blindness. we want to help more impact projects based in the pacific and this is what drives us to do good business.



but what do you mean by profit?

we know that profit can be a very loose term. the majority of new companies do not even make a profit in their first few years of trading and this will most likely be the case for indigo & iris too. however we want to ensure that we have an impact with the help of the fred hollows nz early on. we have already helped restore sight to 120 people within our first few months of trading and plan to make our second donation next month.

50% of indigo and iris limited is owned by a registered charity, the indigo and iris foundation. when we start making profit and distribute dividends to shareholders, 50% will always go to our charity which will then be distributed accordingly. at the moment only fred hollows nz will receive that money but in the future, we plan to have more makeup products and donate the profits from their sales to other impact partners.


what happens to the money then?

we set up this cool system where with every mascara sold a certain percentage of that sale goes to the foundation. the more levitate mascara sold the higher the percentage. 

so we donate a percentage per mascara and when we are making profit 50% of that will also go to our foundation.

please help us spread the word, help us sell this epic mascara to people around the world, and then we can help restore sight to even more people.

shop now levitate now.

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