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i&i blog

in this blog series, you will read intimate thoughts and experiences from an array of different people - always ending with what beauty means to them.

an interview with imogen wilson

in this blog, bonnie talks with imogen wilson who although very young, has completely transformed the modelling industry in new zealand over the past few years. 
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an interview with zach ready

in this blog, bonnie sits down with one of her closest friends, ex-flatmate and one of the men she admires most. below is a video showcasing zach, morgan & vin, rapping for this i&i blog. zach is a true wellingtonian, a talented musician and the kind of person you definitely want at your dinner table. one of the things i appreciate the most about zach is that he never fails to see the blessings, lessons and beauty in life. in situations where some would see the world as against them or themselves as a victim to something they can’t control zach grows wiser, stronger and his heart just opens more to people and the world. if you ever get the chance to meet...
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where do 50% of our profits go?

50% of the profits from selling levitate mascara are donated to the fred hollows foundation nz to help cure treatable blindness in the pacific islands.
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an interview with havilah arendse.

if you can embrace everything you think is "wrong with you" and actually love those parts of yourself, then you are the most beautiful woman ever.
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