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in this blog series, you will read intimate thoughts and experiences from an array of different people - always ending with what beauty means to them.

an interview with grace palmer

"Sadly - Instagram has given people a delusional perspective of the new norm." "I have this thing where I want to be inspirational, and motivational so people can be aspirational. It's about finding a healthy balance." Read more from Grace in our interview for the indigo & iris blog series "What does beauty mean to you?".
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an interview with jess holdaway

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Jess shares her wisdom with us in our latest interview.   Jess is an absolute inspiration. Running one of the best social enterprises around, FRANK stationery, with a buy one give one model, selling epic stationery and donating over 75k books to children. As well as having a two-year-old boy and working alongside her husband! Read about how she does it and what beauty means to Jess. 
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an interview with ellie haines

We are PUMPED to have interviewed @lovingelliesbelly aka Ellie Haines and asked her "What beauty means to you" for our blog series. We asked why she started her self-love instagram & what is all about. She is hilariously honest and open about her daily struggles which many of her followers relate to. We were lucky enough to have her involved in our very first indigo & iris shoot where she applied levitate mascara oh so beautifully to her lashes.
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an interview with alice tanner

Wow. Alice is an amazingly talented singer and all-around good human being. We are so happy to have interviewed her as part of our "What does beauty mean to you?" blog series. She gets REAL with her answers, and suggests some epic reading and listening content - this is not one you want to miss.
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an interview with seung-woo hong

"[my biggest fear] is falling into the trap of “I can’t” or “too scared” and getting so worried about what other people will think."  This interview with Seung-woo Hong aka Suggie is photo heavy because he is an incredible creative genius who takes the most epic photos and videos. We ask Suggie about his upbringing in the beautiful town of Nelson, his inspirations and what beauty means to him.
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an interview with aasha-samara nimo

Aasha (@glittergirlclub), her work is beautiful and we have been lucky enough to have levitate mascara worn in some of her shoots. She is an ambivert from South Auckland and we love her. 
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an interview with evie kemp

evie kemp is an auckland based creative with a unique eye for the maximalist and eclectic. in this blog series, you will read intimate thoughts and experiences from an array of different people - always ending with what beauty means to them.
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an interview with imogen wilson

in this blog, bonnie talks with imogen wilson who although very young, has completely transformed the modelling industry in new zealand over the past few years. 
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an interview with zach ready

in this blog, bonnie sits down with one of her closest friends, ex-flatmate and one of the men she admires most. below is a video showcasing zach, morgan & vin, rapping for this i&i blog. zach is a true wellingtonian, a talented musician and the kind of person you definitely want at your dinner table. one of the things i appreciate the most about zach is that he never fails to see the blessings, lessons and beauty in life. in situations where some would see the world as against them or themselves as a victim to something they can’t control zach grows wiser, stronger and his heart just opens more to people and the world. if you ever get the chance to meet...
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where do 50% of our profits go?

50% of the profits from selling levitate mascara are donated to the fred hollows foundation nz to help cure treatable blindness in the pacific islands.
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