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i&i blog — designer

in this blog series, you will read intimate thoughts and experiences from an array of different people - always ending with what beauty means to them.

An Interview with Shannon Thompson

Shannon is 28, was born in Waikari and lives in Christchurch City. She is the Creative Director / Founder of OUT OF COMFORT a young clothing brand striving to create a space of creativity, substance, authenticity and ultimately finding your comfort against the grain! Her favourite colour/s are 50% Green 50% Purple her favourite cafe is C4 and her favourite city in the world is a tie between New York and London (it was too hard to decide). We interviewed Shannon because she is an awesome human and wanted to hear more about her journey.   What does a day in the life of Shannon look like? Every day is so different... generally -  5am - gym 7:30am - Admin - emails and...
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